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As a full-time independent print journalist and reporter of 35 years I’ve come to know [and love] much about this powerful and ever-changing platform, the media. I adore the written word, and whether printed on tree paper or silicon screens, words still matter, greatly. So I continue in a successful career that has taken me around the globe and filled nearly four Rolodexes (which I still use!).

My work as a journalist is my privilege and joy. I love the investigative search, the continuous inter-action with fascinating people, reporting stories that can change people’s lives, and the ability to earn my living using thoughts and sentences. It’s given me a wide-angle view of humanity and the world, and my hope is to pass on some of this well-earned knowledge. Of course, as with any writer, there’s also a wish to continue to stir things up – especially in this sometimes complex brave new 21st century.

Contact Janet at  714. 573. 7517 or email

Janet Kinosian
Award-Winning Journalist & Author

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