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Here's how I can put my skills to your good use.  I work in the following major areas:

Journalism:   Journalism is where it started and still remains.  Broad-based reporting:  feature, entertainment, profile, politics,  Q&A, fashion, travel, design, health, art, business, technology, investigative, war-conflict zones.  Journalism and reporting matters - despite the vast landscape changes.  It lends passion to my days.

Editing:  Draft and/or structural editing helps others craft their own work.  I do both structural and line edits for a variety of materials.  Whatever stage your writing/manuscript is in, I’m happy to  help you determine what’s working and what’s not.

Corporate Writing:  Corporate bios, synopsis, public relations materials, interviews, case statements, annual reports, production notes, white papers, etc. I’ve done a good deal of corporate work over the years and find it filled with exciting people.

Interviews:   I’ve interviewed tens of thousands of people over the decades – many celebrated and at the top of their fields; many not. It’s something I particularly love. Whether at their apex, every single person is a fascinating interview; I literally can’t recall a boring one.

Ghostwriting:   Books, articles, Op-Eds, reports; any writing needed where your name is also needed on the cover. I also do re-writes.

Web:  It's a new era for professional writers and websites. It takes skill to write in specific voice (all publications have such a voice whether you realize it or not) and you don’t want to sound like thousands of other websites.

Media Consulting:  I’ve worked with writers, authors, public relations executives, nonprofits, business owners and creative professionals to learn how to best sell their work and themselves to the media. I teach how to create the pitches and ideas editors, producers, agents actually need and how to determine who these nice people might be, and can teach you how to get your message its widest possible distribution. It’s like building a house; you can hire-out or learn to do the work yourself.

Mentoring:   I love passing on  whatever wisdom I’ve learned over the years. If you’re young (or mid-way) and starting out I’m happy to give you a pair of weathered hands to provide some buildable advice. 

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